Thursday, February 24, 2011


I need a head exam, or a psychologist or maybe it will do with a new graphics card, (one can hope at least). I'm getting a bit bored of the "studio" photos up in the sky and I wanted to try again to take shadow photos  on the ground, with real background....ok,(and this is the short version) first I'd tried Firestorm but I crashed and crashed, the I switched to Kirstens and nothing would rezz, camera focus was not working, crashed and rebake, rebake, rebake and then I finally got one snap and then crashed again....I give up...for now...because I will probably try again, and again. As I said I think there is something seriously wrong with me. I mean look at me...all sad.... :-(

I won't go back into SL again tonight, I might have to kill someone if I do but here is the credits as far as I can remember them:

Hair: Lamb- Mess

Cardigan: NSD

Dress. u.f.o

Jeans: Mon Tissue

Snapped at Lula sim

I will fix the credits at a later time, I promise ;-)


  1. Awwww my poor Mira! We will all get filthy rich someday! Then we buy a super expensive computer with an awesome graphiccard so we can enjoy SL the way we are supposed to!
    I am also getting very sick of the fact that I can't even se glow, and the water isn't even shiny :(
    Some day Mira some day....

    The pic looks great tho!!!

  2. Filthy rich sounds good. So when do you think this will happen??? You know I'm already waited a very looooong time.... ;-)

  3. We can share my 69 LD - then we both get ri... poor:-)

    Lovely PIC!

    /Tina (PG)